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Amazon can be a frustrating marketplace to master, however you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. We have spent the last decade mastering Amazon and we are happy to share some of the most important things we have learned along the way.

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About the Robyn and the Marketplace Blueprint Team

What we love to do is to help other businesses grow.
We take our years of expertise to help you avoid the common hassles, dead ends, and frustrations when selling on Amazon.

We have been eating, sleeping, and breathing Amazon for the last 10 years.  We work with growing product-based companies on holistic, strategic solutions for Amazon.  Allowing those companies to focus on what they do best, developing amazing products. 

Let us tell you about us so that you can get a better idea of the level of experience our team has.

Robyn has been heralded as one of the country’s foremost leaders on the topic of selling and marketing products on Amazon.

Robyn has over a decade of experience of selling online on Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce venues.

Starting with only $100 taken from their emergency fund, she built a seven-figure business selling on Amazon and eBay in just a few short years.

Robyn is a regular contributor for Search Engine Journal and speaks at some of the most prestigious Amazon and Ecommerce conferences in the US and abroad. She is also a SEMrush Academy Professor.

She has hosted multiple successful podcasts, including The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show and the Marketplace Blueprint Podcast.

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Let Us Help You Grow More Profitably on Amazon.

We are a boutique firm that is the home of the best talents in the Amazon space to produce results for our clients. We use a holistic approach to Amazon that allows our clients to decrease ad spend while increasing sales. Below are some examples of our work.

Case Studies

Click on an image below to find out more about the results we have produced for our clients.

Building With A Home Improvement Product Line

We began work with a company that sells home improvement products. Their primary retail channel is big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. They came to us looking to expand their Amazon channel. A major player in the home improvement retail industry, the company had annual sales of more than $40 million across all channels the year prior to us working together. Although they had been selling on the Amazon platform for almost a decade, they felt their sales weren't as strong as they could be. 

In our audit of the listings and ads, we found that a combination of poor listing and ad optimization was the primary factor of the sluggish sales on Amazon. Prior to our engagement, another agency handled their Amazon presence, so their pages were already partially optimized. FBA was already being utilized as a part of their overall Amazon strategy as well. 

What We Did:

We first evaluated the company’s Amazon presence for the US, Canadian, and Mexican platforms. We found that many of their product pages hadn’t been touched in five years or more. In addition, most of the pages did not meet the optimization recommendations set by Amazon. Some of the products were not indexed for primary keywords, allowing competitors to capture large pieces of market share on Amazon. 


Below is a summary of the actions we took on behalf of this client:

  • Optimized their listings using available image libraries and website assets (where available)

  • Added and updated the titles and bullet lists as well as increased the number of keywords for which the products pages were indexed

  • Updated the store pages and A+ content

  • Ran a combination of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands advertising.

  • Expanded the company’s overall brand reach by expanding the Mexico and Canada Amazon Marketplaces

  • Worked on a logistics plan that would reduce overall costs to ship items to FBA as well as how to best juggle potential inventory shortages.



  • Increased total sales on Amazon by 118% the first year

  • Average ROAS during ad expansion averaged between $12.54 and $14.14

  • An increase in top-line revenue contributed to a new round of investment with 40 million net to the client

  • In the first full month of account work with Marketplace Blueprint, overall monthly revenue increased from $375,354.63 to $548,454.78, a 46% Month over Month increase. We achieved this growth without increasing their ad cost or compromising performance.


Lowering the Cost of Amazon Ads While Increasing Ad Revenue

We retained a laundry product as a client. This particular product had already experienced some success on Amazon. However, they were having trouble using Amazon advertising to help them drive growth.

Our approach streamlined and restructured their  PPC campaigns on Amazon which allowed us to remove keywords that were under-performing and driving up ACOS. Gaining clearer visibility into performing words, we were able to increase bids for those that generated cost-effective sales.

At the time of onboarding, this particular client had an ACOS for ads of about 66%. Within a few months, we had lowered their ACOS a total of 50%, which brought their ACOS across multiple campaigns down to 33%.
This success allowed us to increase advertising budgets in order to help the client meet their overall growth targets for the year, earlier than expected.
Amazon PPC management

We’ve had some experience with [other] of full-service agencies that [manage] our Amazon Marketplace and this team is just next level.

[They] are really helping us shape what our brand is. We really feel like they are an extension of our team,

Jun Condez

Spicing Up Growth

This client was referred to us after they had a negative experience with another agency. Their issues and goals were two-fold:

Their product was being sold on multiple listings at significantly above MAP by unauthorized sellers.

They had aggressive growth targets they were looking to hit with organic and paid sales

Amazon growth case study

Hitting Growth Goals

Our approach began with the optimization of the brand’s product listings on Amazon. Working with the brand, we updated the title, bullets, images, and the back end structured data.

The next step was to restructure the brand’s advertising campaigns. By setting up both Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns, we were able to isolate keywords that were generating the most cost-effective sales

As a result, we have been able to increase  PPC on Amazon sales by 50% in just three months while maintaining a target ACOS of 30%. This resulted in a 10% month over month growth in overall sales.

Additionally, we identified appropriate parent/child relationships for the products and worked with Amazon on the brand’s behalf to group products into variation listings. This allowed the sales history of each product to be combined with reviews, increasing the organic rank of their products.
We worked with the brand to best allocate their advertising spend on its wide product mix. Since the brand already had a loyal following and there was existing search volume for their brand name, we took a portion of the budget to protect their brand name from competitors’ advertising on the brand’s product searches.

“Robyn and her team were incredibly responsive. They make us feel like their only client.”


From a personal care company

Starting From Nothing

starting Amazon campaign

She had her item listed on Amazon, however, she wasn’t getting the sales that she was expecting. Her product was rank in the 60% percentile for sales rank for her category.
The product was also not showing for relevant keywords.
We began work on the product pages by enhancing the images, keywords, and getting the company in the Brand Registry and Amazon Business programs. We used data from our PPC campaigns to identify the top performing keywords and focused on increasing the organic ranking on Amazon for those words.
Over our time with this client, their product ranking moved to the top 1% of their category. We launched new iterations of this product with many of them also ranked in the top 1-3% of their category.

This client had been struggling to increase sales of her invention in the toy category.
She had limited success moving only a few hundred dollars of merchandise at a time at consumer trade shows, educator shows, and markets. Her low sales volume and limited SKU line (less than 4 SKUs) left her unable to obtain sales representation so that she could expand the reach of her product.

improved amazon sales case study

Increasing Sales While Decreasing acos

increasing sales and lowering ACOS

This client has a very successful business on and off Amazon. However, they noticed their Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns performance was significantly down. This was causing a significant decrease in bottom line growth.

We were contracted to work solely on Sponsored Products (PPC) campaigns with this client. We were able to decrease the average cost of sale on their advertising campaigns while at the same time increasing their total gross sales.

amazon PPC campaign case study

What people say?

“We have grown from 10 sales or so daily and $10k monthly sales to over $42k and 200 sales the past 3 days! I really appreciate the help growing our business.”
A Health and Wellness Company
“Working with you has been enormously helpful and insightful in assisting us through fast-tracking the process of becoming an Amazon seller. I don’t think I could have done it without you!”
A Pet Accessory Company

Moving Past Plateaus

using ads for amazon sales

A health and beauty brand came to us because their sales had plateaued and they were not sure how to scale in a highly competitive category.

After optimizing their product page for conversion, we were able to help the brand achieve a 90% increase in overall sales in just four months. We utilized PPC to relaunch the brand in order to achieve organic rank for highly relevant keywords.

case study for growth on Amazon

Driving Growth with Ads

A home goods company was looking to increase its brand presence on Amazon but they were unfamiliar with the Amazon landscape. Their products were difficult to find because they were not organized correctly for optimal search.

We optimized the title and bullet points and added infographics in order to improve traffic and conversion. We also created variation listings to increase the customer’s average order. These changes helped to increase sales by 74% in two months.

Revenue Growth

We were able to grow the gross revenue on Amazon over 700% monthly in the last year.

This client has been a retail-focused business for over 20 years. However, recently their brick and mortar sales had started to struggle.

They were looking to increase their revenue to maintain their relationships with suppliers, maintain the cost of goods, and offset some of the cash flow that was no longer being produced by the brick and mortar stores.

We focused primarily on making some minor changes to some of the listings including making sure that the color and size variations of the apparel were set up correctly.

Additionally, we focused on a very targeted pay per click campaign on Amazon.,

increased revenue on amazon

In House Training for Your Amazon Channel Management

in-house amazon training

We worked with a Sports and Outdoors company to help them manage their sales on Amazon in-house. 

Within three months the company had completely revamped their listings, started advertising profitably on Amazon, and had started to regain control of 3P merchants on Amazon.