Thank you so much for joining us today!  We have a few special bonuses for attending the summit!

  1. Amazon Product Listing Checklist
  2. Listing Optimization Theory Video – The video before will take you deeper into some of the concepts we talked about during the summit.
  3. Free Mini Audit for VIP Pass Holders

1. Listing Checklist PDF

This listing checklist can help you make sure you have everything you needed to have a high-quality listing that can help you outsell your competition.  Download the Listing Checklist PDF

2. Listing Optimization Theory Video

Video Transcript

Video Overview:

1:00  Is it a traffic or conversion issue?

5:00  Distinction Between Keywords and Search Terms

7:30  Notes about Keywords

13:30 Indexing and Relevancy

19:00 Understanding Customer Psychographics In Content

29:30 Mobile First Optimization for Amazon

32:30 2 Focuses on Optimization

33:30 Don’t Forget to Concentrating Traffic

34:30 Create Legitimate Conversions

38:00 Super URLs

39:00 Black, Grey, White Hat

40:00 Keyword Tracking


3. Free Listing Mini Audit

Fill out this form and for all VIP summit members, we will give you a free listing mini- audit.  You will send us your ASIN and we will send back specific recommendations for optimization.

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