Higher Profits & Fewer Hassles from Your Advertising Campaigns on Amazon

We combine experience, strategy, and powerful analytics to get you the results you need from your campaigns on Amazon.

Advertising on Amazon

How much money are you wasting on mismanaged, poor performing campaigns?

We can help with all of the advertising products available on Amazon.

Plain Language

We know how to break down the complex Amazon explain the complicated Amazon ecosystem in ways everyone can understand. 
Since our staff is made up of more than just Analysts we can explain help explain what the data is tell us about your product.

Wholistic Strategy

There are a lot of fabulous Amazon PPC firms out there that only do the advertising portion.

Optimizing your listings on Amazon organically can substantially reduce the cost of your advertising. We can help you with both, for one low cost.

Proprietary PPC Tools

  • We have been doing this a long time. We have developed tools and process that allow us to give you excellent service, attention to your ad spend, and reports with what you need to know.
    Working with us means you will have the most current strategies with time tested experience.

Our Agency Focuses Only on Amazon

Amazon and Google are both powerful tools in moving your product. However, they work very differently and change very quickly. We focus on being up to date and Amazon specialist. 

You don’t just get our strategy, you get our network. We know industry leaders that can get your the best results outside of Amazon.


There are so many people that tell you that they are “PPC Experts!” How do you know who you can really trust. Robyn Johnson and Nate Johnson are industry leaders who have taught thousands of people how to sell more at higher margins on Amazon. Over 10,000 people all over the world have taken our courses.


​We have built our own Amazon business from the ground up. So we understand what it take to be able to grow your business consistently on the Amazon Marketplace.


We have spent the last several years mastering PPC on Amazon.  We have worked with small private labels, to emerging brands, to multi-million dollar corporations managing their  Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, and more. 


Robyn and Nate have spoken at some of the most prestigious conferences in both the Amazon and SEO space on Listing Optimization and PPC management. for Amazon

We make increasing sales and profits easy...

​Packages starting at under $1,000 up to enterprise level solutions.

Step one - Marketplace Blueprint

Schedule A Consult

In our free consult we will discuss your business goals. With this and some information about your business we can work with you to find a plan that will maximize your profits on Amazon.

Step two - Marketplace Blueprint

Get Your Audit

We will go through a thorough inspection of your listings and your competition. You control how much data you want us to have. We use the audit to get a clear picture to make the recommendations that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Step three - Marketplace Blueprint

Personalized Onboarding Plan

The reason we don't have pricing on our site is that there is no "one size fits all" package for advertising and optimization on Amazon. We look at your budget and goals and find something that works to meet your goals. We then take you through a personalized on boarding process where you have access to get answers to any questions you have.

Services Available in Addition to PPC Management

Strategic Consultation

We can help with consultation on packaging, inventory, launch strategy and more.

ADvertising & Marketing Services Management

We manage you campaign, making optimization adjustments to increase profitability and lower your average cost of sale. See how our Listing Management on Amazon can help you!

Listing and Keyword Optimization

We look at the detailed data Amazon provides and use it along with our expertise and tools to identify new keyword opportunities and listing optimizations that will help your organic search rank.

Ongoing Management

We can provide ongoing management of your entire Amazon account or provide paid  advertising management on Amazon.

In-House Training

We know for some clients training in house staff is an important long term goal. We provide in depth  training on Amazon for your internal staff to manage your Amazon account.

MoneyBack - PPC Management

Get our help risk free

We know we can lower your cost and increase your profits. 

After having completed our audit, many companies know we can provide value. 

If you aren’t happy, get your money back.