Welcome To The Marketplace Blueprint Podcast Part 2

Marketplace Blueprint: Product Marketing Strategies for Amazon
Welcome To The Marketplace Blueprint Podcast Part 2

What can you expect from this podcast?

There are so many podcasts out there about eCommerce, and even specifically about Amazon.  Why should you listen to this one?

Robyn Johnson is known for sharing actionable, no-fluff advice for marketing your product online.  Having spent the last 8+ years focused on Amazon she understands the many different ways that people sell and profit on Amazon.

In each episode, you will get actionable items to increase your sales and profitability on Amazon with tips for both Seller Central and Vendor Central sellers.

In this episode, Robyn starts off sharing a little about her history of selling on Amazon.

To get an insight into Robyn’s ability to provide actionable topics for Amazon sellers you can also see her posts as a contributor for Search Engine Journal.  

Help Selling on Amazon

Robyn has years of experience helping with Amazon Account Management, Amazon PPC management, and Amazon Listing Management. For more information, contact Marketplace Blueprint today!

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