Episode 32: 12 Days of Nuggets With Michael Zagare

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Episode 32: 12 Days of Nuggets With Michael Zagare

In this special episode of the Marketplace Blueprint Podcast, Robyn speaks with Michael Zagare, Founder and CEO of PPC Entourage, and creator of a wonderful program called 12 Days of Nuggets.

Join Robyn and Michael as they go over this great initiative and how it provides sellers a unique opportunity to learn and grow their business while helping a worthy cause.

12 Days of Nuggets brings together some of the top minds in the eCommerce space to create content or “Nuggets” that provide straight forward valuable information designed to help Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs improve and grow their businesses.

The idea behind this initiative is to raise awareness and support Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that is fighting to end human trafficking, especially among children of all ages.

The Amazon community has come together to support this cause and provide sellers with a plethora of insight from Amazon experts.

For more information go to daysofnuggets.com


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