EP 2: Retail Readiness For Amazon Listings

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EP 2: Retail Readiness For Amazon Listings

Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimization for Amazon is more than just optimizing the structured data like title, bullets, and back end keywords.  While indexing for a larger number of keywords helps to drive qualified traffic, that alone isn’t enough to generate conversions on Amazon.

We also have to make sure that the traffic we bring to our listing with highly relevant keywords has all of the information needed to actually make a purchase.  There are several areas on your listings that are not as important for indexing but are still important for your search ranking because it helps with conversion rates.

In this episode, Robyn shares about other areas that can affect retail readiness including fulfillment, special programs, and pricing.  Some of the special programs Robyn shares about programs like the Early Reviewer Program, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Subscribe and Save, and Amazon Business.

Robyn also talks about the importance of addressing customer questions and positive and negative product reviews in. your bullets and images.

Since the recording of the episode, Amazon announced another fulfillment program called Sold By Amazon that could work for companies that need to sell on Seller Central, but don’t want to be the seller of record on Amazon because of potential tax implications.

Robyn recommended Feedback Genius for soliciting product reviews within the community guidelines for reviews on Amazon.

The report referenced in the podcast can be found at Seller Central, Reports, Business Reports, Sales and Traffic Detail by Child.  This is where you can see page views, sessions, and unit session percentage.  This is what we look at to determine conversion rates for your product detail page.

Amazon Listing Services

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