EP 1: Listing Fundaments for Selling on Amazon

Marketplace Blueprint: Product Marketing Strategies for Amazon
EP 1: Listing Fundaments for Selling on Amazon

In this episode, Robyn shares the foundation pieces of creating a listing that sells on Amazon.  This includes going through the areas that indexed for organic search on Amazon.  We see so many sellers that only think about their title, bullets, and images.

While that used to be enough to just optimize your title and bullets, now you need to maximize all of the available structured data for your listing.

We give you some recommendation for the title, bullets, and maximizing the number of characters in the backend search terms.

The Basics of Selling on Amazon

As you are creating your listings you want to make sure that your copy and bullets are removing any barriers that could stop a customer from their purchase.  We also want to make sure you are using the language and focusing on the language we see in the customer questions and product reviews.

Remember, listing creation isn’t a “set it and forget it” activity. You want to review your listing after you have the advertising data from Sponsored Products and/or Sponsored Brands you want to look at the search terms that are converting and optimizing your content around those keywords that are bringing in consistent buyers.

If you are looking for more optimization fundamentals we recommend that you review the article that Robyn wrote recently for Search Engine Journal called An Advanced SEO Guide to Top Rankings on Amazon. 

Help Selling on Amazon

Robyn has years of experience helping with Amazon Account Management, Amazon PPC management, and Amazon Listing Management. For more information, contact Marketplace Blueprint today!


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