EP 9: Making Changes on Amazon Product Detail Pages with Nate Johnson

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EP 9: Making Changes on Amazon Product Detail Pages with Nate Johnson

Having trouble getting your changes to go through on Amazon? 

Making changes to product detail pages seems like it should be an easy process.  However, depending on the history of an ASIN and if it was created on Vendor Central or Seller Central sometimes it can be difficult getting changes to process on product detail pages for Amazon. In this episode, Nate and Robyn discuss some of the common pitfalls that can cause changes to not be processed correctly on Amazon.

Are You Using Flat Files?

Many times people attempting to make changes to a listing on Amazon will try to do so through the interface on Amazon.  While it is easier to access the data via Seller Central, we find that oftentimes that listing changes made through the interface take additional tickets and can take a significantly larger amount of effort to get changes made.

Making changes to a listing through seller central

We recommend that whenever possible you use flat files to upload changes to your Amazon product detail pages.  A flat file is just another way to say that you make your changes via upload with an Excel sheet or CSV document.  You have to download a template from the specific product category for the listings you are looking to create or update.

We have a walkthrough of how to create flat files in our Amazon Listing Support Facebook Group.

We have found that ASIN changes made with a flat-file are more likely to “stick” without having to submit additional tickets.  When a ticket to Seller Support is needed the knowledge level of the representatives that handle the flat-file uploads seems to be more skilled at helping walk you through what needs to happen to make listing changes.

Is Brand Registry the reason your changes aren’t being made?

One of the benefits of Brand Registry for brands is that it is supposed to lock down the content of a listing to prevent third-party sellers from making changes to the listing.   In the podcast, we give some tips, like potentially sending a prepared flat file to the brand owner if you are a reseller to assist you in making those changes.  We have found that if there is significant evidence a listing is incorrect it is still possible to get Seller Support to help you in making changes to product detail pages.

Other Potential Issues- ASIN Authority and Retail Contributions

In the recording, Nate and Robyn also outline some other common issues such as ASIN authority and retail contributions.  When working with clients retail contributions can slow down the timeline for listing optimization significantly.   Retail contributions are when the listing was created or edited on the Vendor Central platform.  If this was the case for your listing and you still have access to Vendor Central we recommend that you make your listing changes in Vendor Central, even if you are planning to sell your inventory on Seller Central.

If you are a hybrid seller (selling on both Seller Central and Vendor Central) we recommend that you create new SKUs you intend to sell on Seller Central on the Seller Central platform to make sure you are easily about to edit those listings going forward.

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