EP 7: Tactical Tips for Building Your Brand On Amazon with Jeff Cohen

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EP 7: Tactical Tips for Building Your Brand On Amazon with Jeff Cohen

How do you build brand affinity, awareness, and sales a brand owner or manufacturer on Amazon?

It is possible to build a brand with national recognition utilizing the Amazon platform.  Jeff Cohen of SellerLabs shares how he has seen brands build brand awareness and gain market share from much larger competitors by leveraging the power of Amazon.

One aspect that makes Amazon unique that you are able to compete on a level playing field with brands that are much more established.  As Amazon has been focusing more and more on brands they have added access to many tools that can help brands both young and established to find new customers.

If you are bringing a new item to market on Amazon it is vital that you are aware of the current methodologies and tools that are available to you.  In this episode, we share examples of brands that have captured a large volume of sales on Amazon and some of the tactics they used to attain those sales.

Brand Loyalty Had Changed

It used to be that brand name products conveyed affluence.  In the last decades, more and more consumers have started to be open to purchasing generic and private label products.  Since Amazon has created such a high level of trust with customers, private label brands have an assumed level of authority for many customers.

For brands to be successful need to put their products where the traffic is and in a way that is attractive to their target customer.

Getting Launched On Amazon

We also share about how to launch strategies are different for a small brand with no brand name search volume or awareness vs how a brand with an existing level of brand awareness would launch their new products on Amazon.

While a few years ago Amazon was an “if you build it they will come,” platform.  However, as competition has gotten more intense a launch in the current atmosphere on the Amazon platform is going to rely on advertising, discounts, and rallying your existing audience.

Being Retail Ready

Being retail-ready on Amazon means making sure your content for your listing is optimized, not only to make sure you are indexing for as many keywords as possible but also to be appealing to your target avatar.  After content, your images are crucial for making sure that your customers can see that your product exactly what they are looking for.  We also discussed the importance of reviews and some strategies around reviews on Amazon.

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