EP 5: Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Self-Service Program Launches Expanded Beta

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EP 5: Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Self-Service Program Launches Expanded Beta

The Sponsored Display Program (beta) was recently rolled out by Amazon.  While the program had been available before on a limited basis, the new expanded beta opens the program up to a much wider group of sellers on the Amazon platform.  This program allows advertisers to retarget based off of audiences and products with product display ads.  In this episode, Nate Johnson and Robyn share about some of the program details and considerations for using the Sponsored Display Program.

This new beta is available to those utilizing the Advertising Console (formerly AMS) as a Vendor Central user and to professional, brand registered sellers on the Seller Central platform.  At the time of this recording, there is considerably more functionality on the Vendor Central side of this beta program, so if you are a hybrid seller we recommend you test the program from the Advertising Console.

Creative for Sponsored Display on Seller Central is generated by Amazon as well as the audience selection.

Sponsored Display Ads could be a great option for products that are new to the market, building awareness, or have a long sales cycle.  Overall, we are excited at the capability to retarget customers on and off Amazon who have visited product detail pages.

We are just beginning to test this program with a few of our clients and look to expand on this episode in the future.

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