EP 3: Launching Your Listing

Marketplace Blueprint: Product Marketing Strategies for Amazon
EP 3: Launching Your Listing

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In this episode, Robyn and Nate share some fundamentals for listing launches on Amazon.   We start by talking a little more about retail readiness and reviews.  Then we share a little about how we use coupons or other discount programs available through Amazon to increase initial conversions from paid traffic to allow a product to start to rank organically.

When launching a listing it isn’t enough to just be optimized for search.  Since on Amazon, sales beget sales you need to jump-start your listing with initial sales with advertising and strategic discounts.   Once you have your discount set up you can then drive additional relevant traffic with well-optimized advertising.

We also share some basics for setting up your ads including the importance of campaign structure.

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Robyn has years of experience helping with Amazon Account Management, Amazon PPC management, and Amazon Listing Management. For more information, contact Marketplace Blueprint today!

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