EP 10: Should You Hire In-House Or An Agency with Suzanne Crettol

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EP 10: Should You Hire In-House Or An Agency with Suzanne Crettol

Today Suzanne Crettol of Seasoned Executive Search shares with us some of the considerations when trying to decide of hiring in-house staff to manage your Amazon listing or presence.

Suzanne shares that one of the hardest tasks for many CEO’s when bringing in their first marketing positions, can be letting go and trusting the skill set of your team.  She also reminders organizations to think through the long term implications of bringing on someone full time or part-time and the effect this will have on the companies cash flow.

Utilizing a recruiter can allow you to find an expert that can help take you to the next level in your marketing efforts.  For so many eCommerce oriented companies, Amazon can be one of the largest shares of sales.  So bringing on an Amazon executive can allow you to maximize that channel while lowering your costs for advertising.

A recruiter like Suzanne can also help companies make sure that you have the right personality as well as a good fit to handle the technical requirements of a position.

In-House or Agency?

Suzanne shares that there are some wonderful advantages to hiring an agency instead of bringing an in-house strategy.  Agencies have access to resources and scalability.   In-house talent in the e-commerce space can be expensive.  Sometimes utilizing an agency until you have the means of bringing in a full-time person is the right choice.

Does your company have the resources to not only support the salary of a truly qualified person but also the tools, workers compensation, and benefits required to bring in-house staff to handle your Amazon channel sales?

Suzanne also emphasizes the importance of being ready with the correct onboarding to keep your new hire engaged in their new position.

Tips for Those Looking For In-House Positions

In the second half of this interview, Suzanne shares some tips for those who might be looking to move to an in-house position.  Suzanne mentions that having your own business in the past can be a red flag for executive recruiters.  Companies may have concerns about someone who has run their own business as a potential new employee. You need to be sure to put to rest any concerns about your ability to fold into a company that has its own culture and sets of systems.

She highlights that this red flag can be overcome through diligent self-awareness.  As you approach this new position, you want to make sure you highlight the experience and benefits you can bring to the table from your experience owning your own company.

Suzanne also recommends that individuals looking to move into an in-house position eventually can start with consulting.  It is also crucial for you to be aware of the reasons that your previous position did not work out and address that head-on.

In-House Training

As a reminder, we can help with in house training of your existing or new staff to help you handle selling on Amazon.  Schedule a call with us for more information.

Help Selling on Amazon

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