EP 11: Increase Sales with A/B Testing with Eugene Levin of SEMRush

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EP 11: Increase Sales with A/B Testing with Eugene Levin of SEMRush

When it comes to maximizing your sales on Amazon, very few things are as important as making that your listing isn’t just beautiful, but that it is optimized for conversion. In this episode, Eugene Levin of SEMrush shares about the importance of A/B testing your Amazon listing. 

A/B testing allows you to dial in each component of your listing to make sure that you are maximizing conversion. This, in turn, can lower your advertising costs. Eugene shares specific advice for those looking to run A/B testing for their Amazon listings. 

A/B Testing Best Practices

  1. Test one variable at a time so you can isolate the impact of each change made
  2. Test title, images, bullets, and keywords for the biggest impact
  3. Watch the metrics that matter- increased traffic without conversion doesn’t help your organic ranking or revenue.
  4. Keep a history of your changes so you can use that data to make a new hypothesis for future changes.
  5. Don’t forget the importance of quality images.

Eugene also shares about Seller.ly a free tool from SEMrush that allow Seller Central users to A/B test their Amazon listings. We have used the tool ourselves and also found it can be a good way to update your listings via feed if you are not familiar with flat files.  

Eugene reminds sellers to make sure that they focus their content not only on indexing but on the benefits of the product to the customer. Don’t underestimate the importance of quality and relevant images that display how the product is used, how it looks and how it meets the user’s needs or solves their problem.

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