Sharon Lechter- Money Mastery For Business Owners

Learn from the co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad about how to master your money to best grow your business. We will be talking about one of the things we have seen be the downfall and sometimes keys to success- understanding how to build business credit.

Sharon made a special offer of her course on Money Mastery you can see that offer here at

George Lawrence- Avoiding The Big Keyword Research Mistakes

Keywords are the key to organic traffic on Amazon.  How do you grow your traffic and sales on Amazon without a large ad spend?  George gives a practical and fun guide to understanding keyword practices for Amazon.

Robyn Johnson- Amazon Optimization 101

Stop struggling to be found on Amazon.  Customers find items on Amazon primarily through search.  Knowing how to optimize for organic search can provide a quick increase in sales and amplify your paid advertising results!

Angela Totman- Staying Focused By Adding J.O.M.O into Your Business

Do you feel like you are always running from one place to another? How do you have it all? Enjoy your family, grow your business, and have a life? The key to all of this is adding a little J.O.M.O to your life.

Sue Warfield- Finding A Community As A Manufacturer

It can be lonely launching a product from scratch.  How will you get into stores, how will you manage your presence online, what safety testing should be done?  

You don’t have to do it all alone!

Learn how joining a manufacturer or retailer association could benefit you!

Perry and Kim Coghlan- Get More Bang Out Of Your Labor Dollars- Lean Warehouse Management

Learn from high volume sellers Kim and Perry Coghlan about how to maximize your labor dollars and efficiency.  The information you gain in this presentation could save you thousands of dollars each year and allow you to stay in a smaller space longer.

Brooke Osmundson- Google Shopping Feeds

Amazon isn’t the only place to sell online.  In fact, selling on your own websites can have higher margins.  However, you have to drive the traffic to your website.  Google Shopping Feeds can be a great way to drive buyers to your website.  Learn about how to make them work and best practices to watch for.

Marcus McBride- Creating A Paid Strategy for Google Ads

The senior digital manager for Proactiv shares from his experience running ads for companies large and small on Google.

Anna Hill- The 5 Weird Accounting Things You Need to Know About Selling On Amazon

What are some of the common mistakes Anna sees when it comes to accounting and Amazon businesses?

Jason T. Smith- Exploring Ebay

Ebay can sometimes be thought of as antiquated, but amazing sales numbers can still be had on the marketplace.  Join America’s number one thrifter in talking about diversifying with sales on Ebay.

DAY 2 June 14th

Mike Michalowicz- The Secrets of Growing A Profitable Business You Love

Learn from one of the worlds most prolific and well-respected business writers about how to grow your business.  We talk about how to increase your profitability, how to manage growth, and how to avoid the sales trap.

Jeff Cohen- Review Best Practices for Amazon in 2019

It used to be that reviews were THEY way to get traffic on Amazon.  Well, people abused that, so, in turn, it is much harder than it ever has been to get reviews on your products.  However, they still play a crucial role in conversion and to a degree search.  So how can you get reviews under today’s policies without getting in trouble with Amazon?  This interview has the answers.

Nate Johnson- Understanding Amazon Paid Advertising

Amazon Advertising can be frustrating, to say the least, complicated at best.  In this interview, we break down the different ways to advertise and some best practices for the platform.

Kim and Perry Coghlan- Does Amazon Owe You Money

When a customer asks for a return sometimes Amazon grants that refund before the item has been returned back to you.  In this session, listen to Kim and Perry share about reimbursements and working with Seller Support on Seller Central.

Cyndi Thomason- Putting Your Profit First for Ecommerce

Few businesses can be as cash-intensive as selling physical products.  When everything goes right and you are the definition of success, cash flow can feel like a constant noose around your neck.  Cyndi specializes in taking that noose off of business owners, and in this presentation, she shares specifically about how you can start putting profit first and taming your cash flow issues.

Julia T- Building A Brand Over Selling Products

Andrew Schydlowsky - Protecting Your Price and Brand On Amazon

Price erosion on Amazon can kill your profits online and destroy your brick and mortar sales. In this presentation, Andrew will share the most important aspects of managing your price and protecting your brand on Amazon.

Peter Kearns- Moving From Vendor Central to Seller Central

There’s been A LOT of talk about Amazon ‘purging vendors’ from Vendor Central. In this talk, Peter will deep dive into some of the rumors while giving tangible advice for brands on what to do if they’re planning (or forced) to move from Vendor Central to Seller Central.

Chris McCabe- Protecting Your Amazon Account From Restrictions and Suspensions

Fear of a suspension keeping you up at night?

Chris, a former Amazonian, helps sellers deal with Amazon account issues on a daily basis.  In this interview, Chris shares how to maintain your account and how to communicate with Amazon in a way they will listen.

Peter Mantell- Sales Tax Consideration for Selling On Amazon

With all of the changes going on in sales tax, you can’t afford to be uninformed.   You have to be focused on what is currently happening in the area of sales tax and economic nexus on Amazon. Listen as Peter demystifies some of the recent sales tax changes.

Tyler Henderson- Growth Focused Advertising Strategies for Amazon