Thank You For Attending My Presentation

I  hope you enjoyed the presentation.   Here are the additional resources as promised:

Fundamentals of Listing Optimization:

Listing Optimization Guide

The Complete Guide to Amazon Alexa SEO

Understanding Brand Registry: How to Protect Your Brand On Amazon

Keyword Research:

Amazon SEO Keyword Research: 3 Proven Methods

Tour of Helium 10

Tour of Merchant Words:

Tool Deals:

Merchant Words:  40% off the first 3 months

Coupon Code: PUBCON21

Sellzone: 50% off the first 3 months

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Flat Files:

Both of these videos are in our Facebook Group.  You can join without giving me your email.

Flat Files Tips (20 minutes)  

Understanding and Optimizing with Flat Files

Additional Articles:

7 Reasons Your Listing Isn’t Converting

Amazon Reviews: Best Practices for 2021

Logistic Interview with Eddie

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