Introduction To Cratejoy With Mario Barrett

In this video, Robyn and Mario go over getting started on Cratejoy, how the marketplace works, and tips on how to approach selling on this platform.  We answer questions live about how Amazon sellers could add Cratejoy as an additional stream of income or use the Cratejoy marketplace to sell items that they are unable to sell on Amazon.

Mario Barrett is the General Manager of Cratejoy and has grown subscription businesses himself.


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2:53 – How much traffic does your marketplace get?

8:36 – What do some of your top sellers’ gross on the marketplace?

10:04 – Can you give a brief explanation of how fees work for Cratejoy?

12:05 – Can you set up subscription auto shipments with Cratejoy?

12:50 – Do I have to make my own subscription boxes, or can I add to others?

13:50 – What makes a successful seller on Cratejoy?

15:20 – What categories are doing well for subscription boxes right now?

16:09 – How long does it take from the moment I make a sale until Cratejoy pays me?

17:20 – Do I need a fancy design for my boxes?

18:20 – What do you recommend regarding product photos?

19:40 – Does Cratejoy handle the sales tax?

19:58 – What prices of boxes sell best?

22:20 – How important are reviews on Cratejoy?

24:23 – How can I determine what products are selling well?

25:20 – What is the one thing you wish people knew before they started selling on Cratejoy?

27:05 – Do you recommend charging for shipping or offer free shipping?

31:30 – Are there countries outside the US with significant sales?

32:13 – Are there restrictions on what you can sell on Cratejoy?

33:50 – How much time will it take to launch my first box?

36:31 – Do I have to sell an assortment of items or can I sell only one product?

40:58 – What’s Cratejoy’s return policy?

41:38 – Can my customers skip a shipment cycle?

42:38 – How many months in advance should I have planned out before launch?

45:10 – Can we get any data on what search terms have the most queries on the marketplace?

45:36 – With the 50% off your first box- does that affect the sellers’ commission?

46:09 – What support does Cratejoy offer for sellers that are getting started?

47:43 – Can I sell more than one type of subscription box?

51:00 – Does Cratejoy have a review-request system?

52:12 – Who owns the customers?














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