How Can I Find the Category Listing Report

The Category Listing Report allows you to pull the exisiting listing of an AISN into a flat file for further optimization.  This elusive report is not readily available and has to be requested for each category with ASIN you are looking to compile the listing data for.  Learn about the report and how to access it in this article.

What happens when there is an existing listing on Amazon that you are looking to optimize?

If you are looking to optimize an Amazon listing and you are looking for a shortcut to building out the flat files for ASINs so that you are better able to make further optimizations, you will want to know about the Category Listing Report.

Depending on if the listing was created on Seller Central or Vendor Central and who created the original listing, your mileage may vary on the helpfulness of the report.  However, the report can be very helpful, especially on listings with a lot of existing variations.

Requesting the Category Listing Report

  1. In Seller Central, Click on Help, then Need More Support, Selling on Amazon.

amazon seller central dashboard

  1. Your Account, then Other Account Issues,
  2. Ask support to “activate the Category Listings Report”.

They should make these available for you within 1-2 hours, although it may take one full day. If it takes longer than a day, we recommend following up. The Default is for the reports to be available for 7 days. You can always call back and ask again. There are no limits to how many times you can request the report.

Download the appropriate Category Listing Reports

  • In Seller Central, Go to Inventory, Then Inventory Reports
  • Click on the drop down where it says “Select Report Type”
  • Select the report type as “Category Listing Report” (Note: This option will only be available if you have already requested the report).
  • Select the appropriate category

  • Click Request Report

Once you have downloaded the report you can add additional deatails or structured data to your listing and upload via upload.

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